This Too Shall Collapse


By Jake Blake

    After a solar flare and magnetic superstorm renders modern technology useless, brave men and women must learn to work together to navigate this changing world and fix the things that were broken. In this sequel to his debut novel “Sunburned: The Solar Flare that Silenced the Internet,” author Jake Blake takes readers on a globe-trotting journey that is thrilling, sexy, provocative, spiritual and philosophical.

    "This Too Shall Collapse" is for sale as an e-book for $6.99 at Amazon, Barnes&Noble, iTunes Books and Google Play. It is also available in paperback at Amazon for $17.99 and at Gallery 505. Shop now links are affiliated with Amazon Associates and we earn from qualifying purchases.

Characters in This Too Shall Collapse


Natasha and Adam Morgan - Billionaire adventurers.


Ibn Ali - Telecommunications expert visiting Mecca during Ramadan.


Ming Chen - Hard-working CEO of China Solar.


Aleksandr Manakova - Russian cosmonaut on board the International Space Station and older brother of Natasha.


Charles Wilson - American astronaut on board the ISS.


Mizuho Sakaguchi - Japanese astronaut on board the ISS.


Janus - Thoughtful and helpful computer program.


Frank Rosario - Captain of the yacht Reciprocity.

    Jake Blake is a novelist who lives in the Pacific Northwest.

    “This Too Shall Collapse” is the sequel to “Sunburned: The Solar Flare that Silenced the Internet.”

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